Welcome to Northwood, a place dedicated to people and the pursuit of their happiness. People make the real estate business "real." People enliven homes, invigorate neighborhoods and enable a strong and binding sense of community. People, and the potential they hold, are the reasons we are here.


For over half a century, Northwood Realty Services has built a reputation by valuing people—by holding relationships in the highest regard—by helping people with different aspirations, from diverse backgrounds, realize their dreams. This is our passion, privilege and honor—to serve you.


And like you, the people of Northwood take great pride in the places we call home. After all, we live, work and play in the very same neighborhoods we serve. Like you, we are guided by a set of principles that connect us all—values such as hard work, accountability, service, integrity and community —values that are handed down from one generation to the next. American values that hold great promise and that put people first.